Monday 20 April

Monday 20 April
Well, the start of another week of keeping ourselves and others safe. Firstly,It was great to hear from so many of you over the last few days, via FB, email, text and telephone. We have had some great suggestions on what kind of posts you would like to see over the coming weeks. We don’t want to use our posts just to promote Kit and Course sales, but instead just to engage and further our readers’ diving knowledge, and keep our community of diving friends connected.
Our main headings will include, equipment choice & maintenance, diving physics and physiology, Books, texts, films and general diving advice on diving destinations and techniques.
Today, just to add a flavour of optimism, I wanted to consider our return to diving, obviously when conditions and health of the nation improve. Any extended lay off has an effect not only on our equipment but also on our personal skills/competence. I would imagine that any future return to “near normality” in the UK, will not be mirrored at the same time in other countries, dive travel abroad will face a laboured return. Dive destinations abroad may take even longer to return to normal operation and their ability to accommodate divers. This situation may herald a return to UK diving for those that are keen to take to the water as soon as possible.
For me, the UK presents some of the best diving in the world, most of my formative and early diving years from the late 70’s and 80’s was spent predominantly at sites all around the UK coast. It is true that the viz is not always the best, the sun may not always shine, and we always have a fair distance to drive. Nevertheless, UK diving holds many surprises, and whilst challenging, it will firmly enhance your diving abilities and experience. So just to start us off, there is going to be a UK essence running through our future FB posts.
We will also include some of our own UK dive trip videos from the past. Whether you join us on one of our UK trips, or venture independently, there’s lots of adventure to be had, and I will be posting details on how and where to go. So watch out for future links and videos, meantime, here’s one to whet your appetite; a promotional video from PADI on UK diving, which has some good footage.


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