New Course 

The PADI/NAS Wreck Detective Speciality course has been developed through the offices of the Nautical Archaeological Society, validated by PADI and is new for 2015. We are one of the first Centres to be able to offer this course, its new, its informative and its exciting. The course is open to all divers who have certified as Adventure Divers or above. If you haven’t as yet, found the time to make the step from Open Water qualification, then don’t worry, you needn’t miss out, simply contact us and we can help.


The UK is renowned for having the highest density of shipwrecks around its coast, in the world. It is estimated they may total over 250,000, many have been found and identified, but many more are still to be discovered. In addition, we have other types of wreck and of course prehistoric settlements, all waiting to be found.


It is our experience, that once divers have attained dive qulification, they are looking for the next challenge, and for more knowledge; working tasks set underwater help meet that challenge. The Wreck Detective Course, is a great introduction to seeking out answers to questions such as, how do I research a wreck site, how can I Identify the wreck, why is it there, what are its key Identifiers ?  The answers to these questions, and many more besides, can be provided on the course. In addition to the classroom theory sessions, a major onus of the course is the 2 practical sessions/working dives. Here we assess the wreck site, Identifying its main features on a simple outline sketch, all in preparation for construction of a more detailed site plan/sketch on the second dive. All this, whilst demonstrating neutral buoyancy, practising our agility underwater in a controlled environment, and ability to work closely with our buddy  and also as part of a work orientated team.


The course is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance their knowledge base and dive skills, whilst meeting other like minded divers on a fun activity. Advancement following the course, may be to the PADI Advanced Diver, Nitrox Diver or Wreck Diver course(s).


Most especially, why not look at the next step in underwater archaeology, by signing up for the PADI/MAST Basic Archaeology Diver Course, and supplement the basic detective skills and knowledge you have learnt, with more detailed knowledge of how to undertake underwater archaeological survey techniques, and recording procedures (see website under Specialities).