PADI Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Diver
Whether you’re planning on coastal diving here in the UK or on your holiday, having a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) will increase your safety and comfort and will alert boat traffic and other divers to your location.
If you’re ever involved in drift diving from a boat then a delayed SMB will allow your boat skipper to follow your dive and pick you up promptly upon surfacing. They are also a great visual reference on your ascents too.
The Fun Part
You will complete 2 Dives. The PADI SMB specialty course will teach you the safest and easiest techniques to efficiently deploy a delayed SMB whilst static underwater and also whilst swimming.
What You Will Learn
• Why use a DSMB / SMB?
• Tides and currents
• Types of Surface Marker Buoys
• Types of reels
• Methods of delayed SMB deployment
• Risks and hazards of SMB use
• Preparing the delayed SMB for use