Full Face Mask £225

Full Face Mask (FFM) and Comms Speciality

You’ve already mastered the skills for Scuba diving, but why not adventure further, and try diving in a full face mask with communications link up with surface and/or your buddy.

There’s a number of instant benefits of using FFMs :-

*   Wider field of vision

*   Warmer winter dive experience

*   Avoids jaw fatigue

*   Allows communication for both safety and fun

*   Safer deeper/tech diving

This PADI Distinctive Speciality is only offered by a small number of Dive Centres in the UK, come and talk to us about how the course is run, and see what kind of equipment is used on the course.

Course content :-

Classroom theory sessions

Pool based practical session

2 Open Water dives

All our FFMs have state of the art underwater comms units fitted, this allows divers two way communication with both their Instructor and other students, and where necessary, with Surface Cover personnel.