PADI – Basic Archaeology Diver



Diving with a purpose is a great way to complement your diving experience, the Basic Archaeology Diver course is exactly that. The course is presented under the Flag of the Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust (M.A.S.T.) click here for link to their website, and is a PADI Speciality Certificated qualification.

We will be diving on a 16th Century wreck; which has been relocated to an inland dive site, and will be using a number of Underwater survey techniques, to record and reproduce our findings at the end of the dives. The same basic techniques are used by professional maritime archaeologists on underwater wreck sites every day.


On completing the course, there is also the opportunity for suitably qualified candidates to dive the site of HMS Coronation, which is a protected wreck site off Rame Head of Plymouth, this is a fantastic opportunity, as the site consists of at least 12

gigantic cannon, and two of the largest anchors from this period that you will ever have the opportunity to see in situ.


The course is comprised of 3 elements; theory presentations in the classroom and outside, survey and recording skills in the pool , and 2 Open Water dives involving a wreck site survey and recording.


In the classroom you will be introduced to the discipline of maritime archaeology, archaeological dating techniques, surveying and recording methods, wreck and salvage Law and basic artefact conservation techniques. Throughout the course we will be looking at examples of artefacts, wrecks and wreck sites to illustrate the importance of maritime archaeological study, and to raise awareness of the full extent of our maritime culture, both in the UK and abroad.


A fully illustrated course manual accompanies the teaching, it has been compiled by a number of well renowned maritime archaeologists working through the auspices of M.AS.T. who’s aim is to raise awareness of our maritime heritage, and conduct further research, recording, and conservation of wrecks and wreck sites.



So if you want to be a BAD diver, join us today !!