*Where should I learn to dive ?At a registered dive centre/school with qualified instructors and up to date equipment. Ask to visit, ask questions, talk costs nothing.*Do I need to buy my own equipment ?At Aquatechnique we supply all the equipment up tothe Advanced Openwater Course. All you need is swimming attire and a towel.*Will my qualification be recognized abroad?All our courses are lead body awarded and are internationally recognized. We have a number of ‘partner’ centres which can help you complete your open water course or further your qualifications. These partner centres have been tried and tested by us over many years. Let us know where you intend to holiday and we can pave the way.
*Is there an age limit?We offer a bubble maker course from the age of 8, but at 10 – 15 yrs you can undertake the junior open water qualification. There is no upper age limit, remember you are never too old to try something new!!*Why should I learn to dive? Diving unlocks the door to the underwater world; we know less about what’s in the oceans than we know about the surface of the moon. See for yourself the splendour of the underwater environment in a safe and informative experience with professional instructors. If you are not sure whether it’s for you, then come and try a Discover scuba Experience in our private pool.*How do I manage the theory element?In a range of ways, we supply manuals and ask you to undertake a small amount of preparatory reading, any problems and we are only a phone call away. In the classroom we deliver presentations on all modules using the latest teaching technologies, with powerpoint, dvd, cd rom(s), OHP etc.
*What is the size of the teaching groups ?At Aquatechnique we concentrate on individual learning and pride ourselves on a one to one service. In the pool you can expect a maximum group of three students ( we also cater for larger groups too). On your open water dives we operate on a “one to one” basis.Is learning to dive expensive ?NO ! Our diving courses start from as little as £25, diving is a fairly inexpensive sport, once you have qualified the equipment can be hired, and a days diving can be cheaper than a visit to the cinema.*Who can I dive with when I qualify?At Aquatechnique we have our own diving club, which organizes trips in the UK and abroad and provides a friendly social atmosphere for you to continue your diving experiences.

We are often asked by students,  considering the purchase of their first set of equipment, whether there is a market of second user/pre-owned equipment out there. The obvious answer is of course there is, EBAY , undoubtedly there are a number pieces of dive equipment which do not suffer any demise by the fact that they are pre-owned….however…it is also true that with some vital items, it may well be a false economy, or indeed a salvage and repair operation when the item does arrive. With this in mind we have prepared the following advisory article which we hope is of some help.

Surprisingly, it is not as you might expect, a tale of woe and despair of a dive shop owner, who is losing out on sales to a secondhand market, for us these purchases often result in business generation , every cloud has a silver lining as thay say ! We hope it reads as non jaundiced advice for the first time purchaser, and is of some assistance to us all in surfing the bay. Read More …..