Courses and Dive trips with us UK & abroad


Because of the rather unpredictable weather trends in the UK, we also run regular dive trips, and offer a number of courses, to destinations within Europe and Egypt. Since 2013 we have been runnig at least one per month, this proves their popularity with our students and our associate divers.

It is NOT expensive, especially when compared to a trip to the UK coast, taking into account the fuel costs and the rather elevated accommodation costs of UK providers.

We choose dates to travel at times when flight prices are at their lowest level, we have even secured flights at £5.82 return, including taxes !!  Many of our trips are scheduled over the weekend, departing Friday evening, and returning Sunday, and back to work Monday. It always dismays colleagues when you tell them what you were doing at the weekend. Of course, you can always choose to stay a day or two longer and enjoy a mini break.

Accommodation prices vary, there is such an abundance of choice in the Mediterranean, clean, flexible and inexpensive, it outstrips any comparable UK B&Bs or hotels, both in price, and in quality.

Our Red Sea trips are always one week duration, again there’s lots of accommodation choices, suited to all pockets. Diving is relaxed, effortless and a guaranteed aquarium of flora and fauna on every single dive.

If you desire, you can always choose to advance your PADI diver training and experience on one of our trips, all at discounted rates.

Add to all this; guaranteed diving, good visibility, relaxed holiday atmosphere, warm water and not least, sunshine, that’s why our trips are proving more and more popular.

Still not convinced?

Bear in mind that we can be in Spain or the S. France sipping a cool Sangria long before we could arrive for our wet windy weekend in Wales!


 Please find our preliminary schedule for overseas trips in 2020. Uk coast trips are listed separately due to influence of weather conditions. 


**Egypt Liveaboard  24th Feb 2023**


April 12-19 Red Sea Hughada

June 8 – 11 Spain Medes Islands

August (We normally only run UK trips during July and August due to us being extra busy in the school)

Sept 20-24 France Banyuls Sa Mer / Porto De La Selva

September 5-8 Marseille

November 14-21 Spain

December 16-23 Red Sea Hotel Based

February 2024 Red Sea Liveaboard

We may slightly adjust dates to fit in with the majority interest!

Other dates to be confirmed

Please call us if you require any further information