Full Face Mask Experience – £65

Full Face Mask Acquaint/Experience Course.

Would you like to take the diving adventure further, like to try something different ?

Why not experience diving in a Full Face Mask (FFM), they’re used increasingly in Technical Diving, and of course by all commercial/working divers.

It’s a real departure from diving using the traditional half-mask and regulator in recreational diving, we will guide you through all the advantages and options available.

During a classroom theory session, you will learn about the use of FFMs, in commercial/working environments, and their application to Technical and Recreational diving. All safety aspects of their use are covered by a Commercially Qualified Instructor, who has years of experience in their use, both for commercial/working dives, and in their recreational use.

Having completed our classroom session, it’s into our own pool to have fun, and experience using a range of our school Full Face Masks that are used both recreationally and commercially we have available.

Ocean Reef Neptunes & Interspiro AGA Divators

Students may also be introduced in the classroom  to the use of commercial FFms including:

Kirby Morgan EXOs

Kirby Morgan Mk18 Band Masks

Comex and a KM Superlite Helmet

If you would like to take this FFM experience a step further, you may wish to undertake an open water dive in FFM, or sign up for the PADI Full Face Mask Specialist Certificate (see Website for details).

Added to our range of FFMs, we can introduce students on the specialist course to a Comms set up, students may experience Underwater Communication, and have a go at underwater Comms procedures.

Acquaint Course Scheduled for minimum of 2 students

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